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LFA is neutral:

When it comes to legal fees, most arbitrators are biased because (1) they are lawyers likely to have the same issues with their clients, and (2) they are charging by the hour. LFA has no built-in bias.

LFA has expertise:

LFA was founded by the two leading experts on legal fees: Professor William G. Ross and John Toothman, Esq. They are co-authors of Legal Fees: Law & Management.

Welcome To Legal Fee Arbitration, LLC

Legal Fee Arbitration provides cost-effective arbitration of legal fee disputes with the expertise built in. Rather than getting potluck with generic arbitration services, Legal Fee Arbitration comes with legal fee expertise built in, plus a commitment to prompt, cost-effective dispute resolution.

Legal Fee Arbitration solves two major problems built into arbitration provided through general arbitration services: (1) LFA arbitrators are not billable hour slaves and (2) LFA arbitrators are legal fee experts who concentrate on legal fee issues. Most arbitrators working for general arbitration services are lawyers still working for or retired from law firms. If you’re a client with a fee dispute, chances are your opponents and your arbitrator have too much in common, and may even know each other. We provide arbitrators who know how the legal profession works, while remaining neutral.

Legal Fee Arbitration was founded by the two leading experts on legal fees in the United States: Professor William G. Ross of the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University and John W. Toothman, Esq., who founded The Devil’s Advocate, the original legal fee management and litigation consulting firm. Together they wrote the leading text, Legal Fees: Law and Management, along with other books and many articles.